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bad-boy barber with a beard Knox loves to go it alone, much like he does when he drinks his coffee. Unless you include Waylon, his basset hound. Even if the drama takes the form of a stranded runaway bride, Knox won’t put up with it.

Naomi wasn’t merely evading her wedding. In Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges community where conflicts are settled the old-fashioned way—with fists and beer—she was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin. In most cases, in that order.

Unfortunately for Naomi, her evil doppelganger has not at all changed. Tina leaves Naomi with something unexpected after taking Naomi’s car and money. Naomi was unaware of the niece she had. With an 11-year-old who is approaching 30 to care for, she is now stranded in the city without a car, a job, a plan, or a place to call home.

There’s a reason Knox avoids complicated relationships and demanding women, especially romantic ones. But given that Naomi’s life fell apart in front of him, the least he can do is assist her in getting out of trouble. He can leave her alone and return to his calm, solitary life as soon as she stops getting into new trouble.


The chapters in the first person narrative switch between Naomi Witt’s and Knox Morgan’s points of view.

To assist her twin sister Tina, Naomi Witt travels to the little village of Knockemout in northern Virginia. Even though Naomi and her sister have grown apart, Naomi is eager to get back together and lend a hand as a method to relieve her mental burden after postponing her wedding to a wealthy entrepreneur a few days ago. During the rehearsal, Naomi managed to slip out of a church bathroom window after realizing the magnitude of her error in becoming engaged to this man.

Through deception, her sister takes her car and money. Waylay, an 11-year-old girl who is bright and precocious, is left behind when she vanishes. Naomi forms an instant connection with the young child and readily accepts the role of guardian.

When Naomi gets work at the local bar, she meets Knox Morgan, a hot bartender who two years ago won the state lottery and used the money to buy the local bar and a block of businesses. A split developed between Knox and his brother Nash, the town’s sheriff, as a result of his sudden fortune. To be comfortable with spending his days with his basset hound, Knox has walled himself off from the community.

Naomi and Knox are drawn to one another, but neither is looking for a relationship. However, Knox shows a particular interest in Naomi and makes sure that she and Waylay have a place to stay because Child Protective Services (CPS) is concerned about making sure that Waylay is being taken care of because Waylay’s mother abandoned him. Naomi adapts to town life and develops friendships with her employees and neighbors, but there is conflict between the Morgan brothers since they are both drawn to Naomi’s endearing smile, approachable demeanor, and lovely looks. But when Nash is shot twice during an ordinary traffic stop, their tense relationship abruptly comes to an end. He bounces back and acknowledges his brother’s affection for Naomi.

Naomi doesn’t know what happened to or where her sister is right now. To let them know they had a granddaughter they’ve never met, Naomi calls her parents. They quickly appear in Knockemout to assist Naomi and meet Waylay. Waylay has Naomi’s whole and steadfast devotion. She gradually warms to Knox’s challenging and abrasive nature in the meantime. Both Naomi and Knox think having sex with each other is amazing. They still avoid using the word “love” or picturing a romantic connection.

Unannouncedly, Naomi’s ex-fiancé appears at the bar and tells her that her escapade is over and she must return to New York with him. But Knox steps in and knocks him unconscious as soon as he tries to hold her back.As Naomi and Knox become closer, Knox finally shares the psychological damage his lottery victory caused him as well as the division in his family. He also has flashbacks of his alcoholic father, which keeps him up at night. He is unwilling to commit to Naomi, and the two part ways.

Tina reappears. When Naomi is tricked into leaving a deserted industrial park in Washington, she kidnaps Waylay. Naomi meets the boyfriend of her sister, a prominent Washington crime leader whose son wants to start his own business dealing in stolen vehicles. The issue is that Tina and her lover have instant access to vital details about their extensive burglary operation, including the identities of police officers who needed to be killed.The flash drive was hidden by Waylay, and the boyfriend is confident that threatening to kill Naomi will persuade the girl to divulge where she kept the device. Naomi quickly realizes who shot Nash.

The police, lead by the Morgan brothers, show there just as the boyfriend is getting ready to threaten Naomi. Tina’s boyfriend manages to flee during the ensuing mayhem. After seeing Naomi again, Knox decides that he wasted too much time putting off a relationship with her and makes a proposal. Tina is likely to serve a lengthy prison sentence, so Naomi and Knox decide to adopt Waylay.

After five years, Naomi and Knox must deal with the painful reality of Waylay receiving a soccer scholarship to attend college. With his father now three years sober, Knox has made peace. Naomi and Knox have adopted two girls, an infant and a three-year-old, because they are unable to have children of their own. With assistance from their friends and family, the couple gets ready for the busy but loving years that lie ahead.

About The Author:

Author Lucy Score has had bestsellers in the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal. She obtained a journalism degree while growing up in a literary family that mandated reading take place at the dinner table.

She works as a full-time writer from the house in Pennsylvania that she, Mr. Lucy, and their annoying cat Cleo share. Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym when she isn’t spending hours creating heartbreaker heroes and badass heroines.



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