There Are Some Features of a good shoe shop

Characteristics of a good shoe store.
The following guide includes a description of our service as well as items of particular importance in shoe stores. Here you will find tips on how to formulate your own guidelines for a showcase, which additional services you should request and which aspects you can take care of just to be successful in this business.
Key functions of a shoe shop

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Footwear, whether it be everyday designs, luxurious and elegant shoes or sports shoes, make up a variety with specific mail order needs. We would like to advise you on what to do when placing an order and implementing an online shoe store. We trust our many years of experience. It is worth mentioning that IdoSell was created with the overall goal of selling shoes. This sets us apart from our competitors, who have often been created to run a particular bookstore or computer shop. Since we started many years ago as a shoe shop and clothing store, every detail of the system has been and continues to be made with a focus on sizes, colors, different prices for sizes or the possibility of presenting different photos depending on the variant. .

Dimensions, search and filtering by size
Everything revolves around sizes in the online shoe store. Aside from the store layout, size is the most important search parameter for customers. It is essential to provide the correct dimensions for all products, taking into account the standards applied by the different manufacturers. A shoe store facade should offer a clear and simple choice of size. A clear distinction between temporarily available and unavailable sizes is also of paramount importance. Our best graphic designers will take care of the correct layout.

Also very important is the ability to find shoes of good size or to filter the product list only for shoes of a desired size. Because? The answer is simple: a customer won’t buy a wrong size pair of shoes, even if they look great. We can implement practical search tools and mechanisms in your online shoe store, also advising you on the correct configuration and position of the search tools and filters. The admin panel will allow you to split the assortment into any number of sizes, including assigning different prices to the selected sizes (for example, in the case of bounty sales that don’t sell well).
Size chart, size guide
Different manufacturers use different size schemes. Sometimes the same shoe size equates to a different actual foot measurement. The role of the seller is to adequately describe the size, compare it with the length of a foot in centimeters and inform how to estimate the exact size. It will increase the level of customer confidence and allow for an informed purchase. A “size chart” function is very useful. Our graphics department, during the implementation process, can arrange the appropriate way to display tables and information on how to measure a shoe. In addition, it is worthwhile to commission the preparation of a print scheme in PDF format. For this reason, a customer can easily determine their size for a particular shoe brand.
Beautiful pictures
Good photos mostly mean great, excellent quality photos, taken against a white background, showing the shoe from different angles. They should reflect the true color of the shoe and show the customer the most important details (finishes, stitching and gluing). A store designed for the footwear industry should allow for the upload of any number of photos and a convenient way to view them. If you have animations that depict a shoe on each side (a so-called 360-degree view), we’ll adapt a store front to support them.

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