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Even though the PS3 had a slightly slow start in 2007, don’t be fooled … the PS3 is gearing up for a fantastic year with some anticipated news. Here’s a rundown of three games coming out in 2008: EA’s NFL Tour, Free Radical Design’s HAZE, and Konami’s Coded Arms Assault.


NFL tour

Hailing from EA Sport’s BIG division it is what can be considered a spinoff of their successful NFL Street series. They have abandoned the streets and beaches in favor of larger stages. No more playing with barrels and street side walls, you are playing in front of huge crowds with fireworks displays and 9 yards. There are also some advancements in the game: if a player initiates contact, he is given the opportunity to break the tackle, trip the catcher or give his shot a little more “umph”. Street gamers will see the famous “Gamebreaker” power-ups, and much of the game remains unchanged, but an improvement in the graphics. This game is due out on January 8th, so get ready!


Playing as a recruit in a corporate army owned by Mantel, a large supposedly peacekeeping organization, you are expected to play this game at least twice. Why twice? Well, once on both sides, of course this is because playing on Mantel’s side you realize that you, along with your comrades, are randomly injected with a drug called Nectar, but this leads to some unexpected consequences. Last time you sided with the rebels you were fighting so cruelly against. With fantastic graphics and artificial intelligence that apparently doesn’t seem useless … this gem will be launched in the US on January 18th.


Konami released a PSP game early in the system’s life under the name of Coded Arms and after achieving success with the title, they went ahead and created another in the PS3 series. Like HAZE, Coded Arms Assault is a futuristic first person shooter where you play as a soldier. Apparently your character is a young hacker who has gained access to a system he shouldn’t have been on and is involved in a virtual war. Bullets are replaced by hexes and enemies are vaporized. With the game running on the Unreal 3 engine, expect fantastic graphics along with “digitized” effects. This game does not have an official release date yet, but you will only find out from the look when it is available.

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