The Lion’s Whisker Legend

A woman named Leeya wed a man who had a son in Ethiopia many years ago. He had lost his wife a number of years prior. Despite her best efforts, Leeya was unable to connect with the youngster.

The child declined the food when it was offered to him. He turned aside when she spoke gently to him. He would get up and go while she was seated next to him. Leeya was at a loss after several months of this.

There was a healer and medicine man who resided in the highlands and served Leeya’s village. Anyone in the community may get well or feel better by paying him a visit. Leeya believed she could solve her own difficulties the majority of the time. not this time though. She required aid!

Leeya noticed the door was open as she approached the healer’s hut. Without looking around, the elderly doctor remarked, “I hear you approaching. What’s the issue?”

She gave her introduction and explanation.

Ah, certainly, he responded. “I perceive. But what do you anticipate me to do in response? “

Leeya screamed, “Make me a potion, an amulet—anything! I’ll do whatever it takes to get this kid to answer me.

The medicine man gave her direct eye contact. I’m going to need some time to think about this, young woman, so please come back in three days. This is not the same as repairing a broken bone or treating an ear infection.

Three days later, Leeya returned to the hut.

I have wonderful news for you, Leeya,” the elderly guy stated with a smile. “But you should know that it needs a particular component. You must bring me a whisker from a live lion.”

Leeya gasped in disbelief, “A lion’s whisker?! Such a thing is not possible!”

He yelled, “You want your stepson to turn around?!” He said, “Bring me a whisker off a lion,” and turned away. I’m a pretty busy man, as you can see, therefore there’s nothing else to say.

Leeya tossed and turned that night. How was she able to take a whisker from a real lion?

She departed the house the following day. She held a bowl of rice with beef sauce in her hand.

Leeya walked to a grove of shaded trees where it was known that lions lived and where lion tracks had been seen. She placed the bowl on the grass invisibly after moving closer to the shade-giving trees.

She then moved aside and went home as quietly and securely as she could.

She brought another bowl of rice with meat sauce to the cave the following day at the same time. She picked up the new, full bowl and set the old one down after realizing it was empty. She softly departed once more.

She did this every day. Months passed. Leeya didn’t witness the lion. She was aware that the lion was consuming her food, though, because of footprints on the ground.

The lion’s head then appeared one day, peeking out from behind some trees. She took a very slow step to the same place as always, making sure not to look the lion in the eye.

She turned away after setting down the freshly filled bowl and picking up the empty one.

The lion’s head protruded from behind trees that were getting closer to where she placed the bowl each day. One morning, she arrived at the empty bowl to find the lion waiting for her. She waited this time as the lion ate. She petted its thick fur after he was finished, just like a house cat. It now seemed to trust her as she gazed into the soft lion eyes within.

Actually, she reasoned, “when you get to know it, it is a pretty pleasant creature.”

This continued for a long till Leeya decided it was time to try and obtain the whisker.

She had a little knife with her the following day. Oh, my lion, may I please have just one of your many wonderful whiskers? she murmured in a hushed voice after setting the dish of food down and the lion permitted her to rub its head.

She quickly chopped off the whisker while patting the lion with one hand, taking care not to injure the animal in any way. She said, “Thank you, my lovely friend.

She hurried over to the medicine man’s hut. She exclaimed, “I have it! I have the lion’s whisker,” while tightly clutching the whisker in her hand.

Turning around, the healer questioned, “You don’t say? From an actual lion?

Yes, she replied.

He demanded, “Tell me.” How did you manage it?

She described the procedures.

She proudly gave him the whisker. The healer gave it careful consideration. He then went over to the fire and threw it in, where it immediately caught fire and burned completely.

Leeya shouted, “What have you done?!” What I had to do to obtain that! ”

The elderly doctor gently reprimanded Leeya, saying, “You don’t need the whisker. Tell me, is this child really more dangerous than a lion? Don’t you think a youngster who loves his mother will react to your careful, loving care, too?

Leeya became alarmed. But she pondered. maybe? By the time she returned home, she was also aware of her options.

Bonus Story

Two Brothers Story


AGES AGO, TWO brothers received their father’s estate. The land was divided in half by the two brothers, and each brother farmed a separate portion.

The younger brother never got married, but the older brother eventually got married and had six kids.

The younger brother was awake one night. Each of us getting half the land to farm is unfair, he reasoned. He should have more grain than I do because my brother has six kids and I don’t.

The younger brother went to his barn that evening and collected a sizable bundle of wheat. He ascended the hill separating the two farms and crossed it to reach his brother’s property. The younger brother went to his brother’s barn and left the wheat, feeling proud of himself.
The older brother had been up earlier that same night. Each of us getting half the land to farm is unfair, he reasoned. “My wife and I will have our grown children and grandkids to care for us in our old age, while my brother will probably have none. He should at least sell more grain from the fields now so he may support himself with dignity in his old age.”

He so sneakily grabbed a sizable bundle of wheat that evening as well and ascended the hill. He felt proud of himself as he left the grain in his brother’s barn and went back home.

The younger brother was shocked to discover the same amount of grain when he walked into his barn the following morning. He responded, perplexed, “I must not have taken as much wheat as I thought.” I’ll make sure to take more tonight.

His older brother was standing in his barn at the same same time and had similar ideas.

After dusk, each brother took a larger quantity of wheat from his barn and surreptitiously transported it to his sibling’s barn. The following morning, the brothers were once again baffled and confused.

Each one racked his brain, “How can I be wrong?”

It is incomprehensible that there is still the same amount of grain here as there was before I cleared the mound for my brother. Tonight, I’ll make no mistake: I’ll take the pile all the way to the floor to ensure that the grain is given to my brother.

More determined than ever, each brother went to his barn on the third night, took out a sizable mound of wheat, put it on a cart, and slowly hauled his load across the fields and up the hill to his sibling’s barn. Each brother observed a figure in the distance as they reached the top of the hill in the moonlight. Who might that be?

The two brothers only grasped what had happened when they saw the other brother’s shape and the burden he was towing behind.

Without saying a word, they let go of the ropes holding their carts and hugged.



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