The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada are hyper-environmentalists

On Sunday, April 11, 2010,  Canada Christian College president Charles McVety went on television and called Christians across Canada earthies, hyper-environmentalists, and apostates.  ( program 403).

McVety uses his imaginings and a 2006 US commercial from the Competitive Enterprise Institute called Global Warming=Energy to promote his hyperbolized climate change denial. The commercial he bases his sermon on is a common anti-science tool of the religious right. The demo blog:

The CEI is well-known for its public efforts to aggressively counter the scientific evidence for human-induced climate change, especially after their infamous set of television ads with the tag line “C02, We Call it Life.” Since 1998, the CEI has received over $2 million in funding from oil-giant ExxonMobil.

He starts off railing against cap and trade being  under the control of  ’them.’ (global megalomaniacs)

1) Any cap and trade program would keep all revenues within the United States. It isn’t one central program, but a movement of national programs working towards the same goal, reducing C02 Emissions.

2)There was never a scientific consensus on global cooling. The issue attracted some attention in the media attention in the 70s. The impact of CO2 on climate has been studied since the 60s.

3) One snowstorm in the United States is not evidence that global warming is a myth. Increased snowstorms are actually one of the predicted outcomes of global warming. Increased warmth over the oceans increases evaporation putting more moisture in the air. When that moist air hits a region that is still below zero the result is more snow.

This last winter was the warmest and driest on record in Canada. Even that doesn’t prove or disprove climate change. Only as we look at the very long term do we see trends and since the seventies each decade has been warming than the last.

He speaks to Barak Obama, Stephen Harper, and Dmitriy  Medvedev.

Obama went to Copenhagen and said, Yes the globe is warming and we can change it so he said yes I’m going to tax you to death so we can change the weather. Well you know what? God said to Barak Obama and every other leader in this world, I’ll show you who changes the weather and He buried the United States in massive amounts of snow that they have never seen before, and He showed them Barak Obama you can’t change the weather…

Stephen Harper, you cannot change the climate and President Medvidev you cannot change the global temperature, but somehow they think they can.”

…only God commands the wind, only God can change this weather, God played a joke on them by burying them in snow.

4) Does the bible say that only God can command the wind?  The passages that speak of God’s command of the wind are Gen 8:1, Pro 30:4, and Jon 4:8. None of them declare that only God commands the wind.

It has been proven that we can impact our climate. In the 30s farmers used farming techniques that contributed to high winds and dust storms. When the farmers changed their practices it significantly reduced the number of dust storms.

For years we have been using silver iodide and frozen carbon dioxide to stimulate rain. It is called cloud seeding.

He then mocks meteorologists and climatologists.

5) Weather forecasting and climatology are two different fields. Because global weather systems are incredibly complex it is very hard to predict the weather more than a few days out. There are different weather events like El Nino that have a temporary impact on temperatures. However, we know that if we change one variable, the amount of Green House Gases in the atmosphere the inevitable result is warming. That doesn’t mean we can predict how warm it will be 3 months from now, it does mean we have a good idea that each decade will be warmer than the last.

I went to U of T and studied geo-physics and they taught me in those days the globe in cooling, all of a sudden in 1991 they said never mind, forget that 40 years past, we now say the globe is warming. 2005 they decided no, well it was cooling, now warming, now climate change, but we’re going to tax you anyway, we’re going to tax everything that you do through this global warming scam.

6) Skeptics often like to bring up the change in language from global warming to climate change in a manner that implies that climatologists have changed their minds. The truth is climate change is just a broader term that encompasses all the impacts of warming. This includes increased droughts in some areas and precipitation in others. This includes the intensification of storms.

7) Cap and Trade is essentially a financial mechanism that will provide financial incentives for the free market to come up with solutions for transportation, energy, and heating that don’t put so many greenhouse gases in the air. The goal is not to control people, let alone their breathing. It will encourage efficiency in the development of all products and services which has a great simulative impact on the economy.

8) CO2 is one greenhouse gas that is essential to life. There is no plan to get rid of it, just keep the concentration of CO2 at a certain level to limit the impact of climate change. There are other things in life that are essential in appropriate quantities, but toxic with too much. Salt is essential for life, but if you get too much you can develop heart disease. Fat is essential as well. McVety doesn’t seem to understand there can be too much of a good thing.

He then proceeds to mangle stewardship and dominion.

But when you start saying that we are going to put the concerns of these hyper-environmentalists, these earthies over the concerns of God, the word of God, and the bible, then you are treading on religious ground, and  you are treading on ground of turning your back against the living God.

9) The vast majority of scientists and activists believe in fighting climate change because of the potential impact on the environment, wildlife and humanity. For most of these people, it has little to do with any religion. If the oceans rise and displace tens of millions of the words poor that is an issue of justice. If droughts wipe out crops causing famine or raising the price of food this is a justice issue. If wildlife species go extinct it is the issue of global stewardship. There is nothing unbiblical about caring for the poor or ensuring the hungry are fed. We have a biblical mandate to care for the planet, we do not have permission from God to wreck what he created.

Yes, it will bring them trillions of dollars they’ve already legislated  this in Europe and it’s about to come this country of Canada about to come to the Untied states and yes, it is a fraud, it is a fallacy, and unfortunately it has even trickled into our evangelical church in NA.

Before the break I talked to you about how Ted Haggard as the head of the NAE started to engage in this, he gave his testimony how he was converted to it and he started to preach this green gospel as he would say, we know the story, God turned him over to his vile passions, his rebrobate mind. We know the story.

This is the consequence of turning our back against the eternal God, of worshipping the temporary earth. We cannot do it. Yes, we have to be good stewards of the earth but not slaves or servants to the earth.

Unfortunately I believe this is the apostate faith that is talked about in 2 Thessalonians that one day there will be this great turning away. Well it’s already happening, why? Well, because this environmentalism, earthism, paganism transcends all religions, it transcends all cultures it transcends all governments and around the world. We are serving the creation instead of the creator, serving the temporary instead of the eternal and the end result is catastrophic even to the point where the NAE, the WEA and the EFA our evangelcial collabrative leadership groups have distorted the gospel of Jesus Christ.

10) Ted Haggard never converted to an environmental religion.

11) McVety never defines the difference between stewardship and serving the earth. He just labels any initiative to stop global warming an act of earth worship. Is generating power from wind an act of worship?
Is parking an SUV in favor of a hybrid car and act of worship? Is insulating our homes an act of worship?

12) None of the Christians or organizations that McVety ever instructed Christians to put the priorities of the environment over God or the bible. We are being called to follow scripture, not subvert it. The Bible is very clear that we have the mandate to care for the earth (Gen 1:28), love justice (Isa 61:8), and not oppress the poor and foreigners (Zec 7:10).

13) McVety fundamentally misunderstands cap and trade. It is the exact same approach Canada and the US used to reduce acid rain in the 80s. It worked very well.

From Wikipedia:

A central authority sets a limit or cap on the amount of a pollutant that can be emitted. Companies or other groups are issued emission permits and are required to hold an equivalent number of allowances (or credits) which represent the right to emit a specific amount. The total amount of allowances and credits cannot exceed the cap, limiting total emissions to that level. Companies that need to increase their emission allowance must buy credits from those who pollute less. The transfer of allowances is referred to as a trade. In effect, the buyer is paying a charge for polluting, while the seller is being rewarded for having reduced emissions by more than was needed. Thus, in theory, those who can reduce emissions most cheaply will do so, achieving the pollution reduction at the lowest cost to society.

Companies wouldn’t be buying credits from Greenpeace, they would buy them from other companies that pollute less.

14) Cap and Trade don’t work like indulgences because companies buy credits from each other, not a central authority.

These people are teaching an Apostate faith.

In this country you’ll then have to give money to all these left wing organizations like Greenpeace, like Al Gores organization, why? Because they say that this is cap and trade, all it is, is the recreation of indulgences.

These  preachers  these teachers theyleaders are saying we have to pay indulgences to create carbon monoxide, something that God gave us.  You’re never going to stop evaporation Barak Obama, you’re never going to stop clouds from forming. We can’t listen to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada that calls us to submit to mother earth, no way no how no where.

15) CO2 is a small part of our atmosphere (380 parts per million) but it does have an impact. This has been scientifically proven in lab tests. For water to be safe is should have less than 0.01 PPM of arsenic. Soil should have levels of lead less than 200 PPM. To say that C02 is too small to have an impact demonstrates ignorance of proven scientific data.

16) Water vapor is the most dominant greenhouse gas but that doesn’t mean C02 and other GHGs like methane don’t have an impact. As human activity releases the more modest greenhouse gasses in to the atmosphere the earth warms. This in turn increases evaporation and puts more water vapour in to the air. Water vapor amplifies the impact of C02.

These  preachers  these teachers these leaders are saying we have to pay indulgences to create carbon monoxide, something that God gave us. You’re never going to stop evaporation Barak Obama, you’re never going to stop clouds from forming.

We can’t listen to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada that calls us to submit to mother earth, no way no how no where.

Breathe, Charles, breathe.



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