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Colleen Hoover made her literary debut in 2011 and has since established herself as one of the most prolific and financially successful romance novels of the new millennium. Hoover, or CoHo as her admirers refer to her, has consistently appeared in both The New York Times and Amazon best seller lists. She transformed the romance subgenre by introducing multidimensional characters who are confronted with serious emotional problems.

Reminders of Him (2022) is both a traditional romantic comedy and a new take on the genre. After serving five years in prison, 26-year-old Kenna Rowan has returned to her hometown close to Denver. She is adamant about getting along with Diem Landry, her four-year-old daughter. The romance genre is represented in the narrative through the characters’ tentative steps toward new love and the characters’ affirmation of hope as they navigate fresh beginnings with the help of friends and family. But Kenna is not your usual romance novel heroine. Because of a drunk driving accident in which the only man she had ever loved died, she was imprisoned—

The Montlake Press 2022 paperback edition is the one used in this study guide.

Diem Landry’s father, Scotty Landry. Grace and Patrick Landry, Scotty’s parents, are now raising Diem. The book tests how to deal with guilt and self-doubt and demonstrates how a bandaged heart can find its way to love once more through its investigation of the mechanics of mourning, the complex psychology of forgiveness, and the heroic quest for a second chance.

The Montlake Press 2022 paperback edition is the one used in this study guide.


Colleen Hoover, a mother and famous author from Texas, is well known throughout the world for her gripping modern romance books. The most recent book by Colleen Hoover is titled Reminders of Him. It is emotional, painful, sad, and incredibly honest. Both CoHo devotees and those unfamiliar with her work will like this most recent book.

The main character in Reminders of Him is Kenna Rowan, a young mother who was recently released from jail after serving five years for making a dreadful decision. Strong opposition, strong opinions, protection, and rejection cloud Kenna’s return home. The young mother will nevertheless make every effort to reestablish contact with her child, despite the fact that the path to acceptance and forgiveness lies ahead.

Things start to get better for this wounded heroine when one man treats Kenna with the kindness, understanding, and love that she so well deserves. But a difficult decision must be made, and Kenna’s small daughter is entangled in this painful conflict. Will Kenna ultimately be able to leave her past behind and rediscover motherhood’s joy?

I’ve only just started reading Colleen Hoover; Reminders of Him is my second book by this enormously well-known author. Reminders of Him has been making the rounds on Instagram for a while, and I eventually caved down and bought a copy for myself.I’m so happy I did because this one truly spoke to me and reminded me of one of my favorite Kristin Hannah books, Night Road.

Reminders of Him gives the reader exclusive access to the thoughts, anxieties, feelings, loves, and lives of two important protagonists throughout forty-two chapters and an epilogue. The core of this tale is the shifting narration shared by protagonist Kenna and hero Ledger. It is easier for the reader to fully comprehend the feelings, emotions, and mental state of these protagonists when they are seen through the perspective of their respective major characters.In my opinion, Hoover did a fantastic job of portraying both a female and a male perspective in her powerful book. Letters that the main character Kenna wrote to her sweetheart who has since vanished are interspersed throughout this heartwarming story. I greatly loved the arrangement of these letters since they give a very important new element to this story that is incredibly personal and heartfelt. I really appreciated the extra touches that Hoover adds, like the playlist on the book’s back; it was a very kind gesture.Reminders of Him is a difficult, shattering, devastating, accurate, and respectful narrative as a whole. In my opinion, Colleen Hoover is an instinctual and intuitive storyteller who is adept at capturing the intense emotions of her characters. Reminders of Him has a wide range of recurring themes, including love, passion, indulgence, indecision, criticism, forgiveness, blame, loyalty, care, sadness, loss, the law, restitution, acceptance, protection, truth, courage, resilience, and hope. Reminders of Him is an engrossing book since it features the tortured love that has come to be associated with Hoover.

plot synopsis

After serving five years in jail for involuntary vehicular manslaughter in the murder of her boyfriend, Scotty, Kenna is finally let out at the age of 26. She returns to her hometown despite being aware of the dangers because she wants to meet Diem, the daughter she gave birth to while she was incarcerated and who is now being reared by Scotty’s parents.

On her first night in town, Kenna looks for a bookstore she frequently visited but discovers it has been converted into a bar. She enters for coffee and is temporarily captivated by the appealing bartender, who later reveals himself to be the owner and one of Scotty’s best friends, Ledger Ward, a former professional football player.She is an unknown to him. Ledger has a friendship with Diem and lives across the street from Scotty’s parents. Kenna and Ledger get to know one another over the coming weeks. Kenna introduces herself to Ledger as Nicole in order to prevent any commotion in public, but he soon recognizes that she is indeed Kenna. Kenna accepts a position as a grocery store cashier.

The easiest method for Kenna to meet her daughter, in her opinion, is to walk up to the Landrys’ front door and apologize to them. The people misunderstood her catatonic demeanor during her trial for Kenna’s lack of interest.Kenna is brokenhearted yet adamant about seeing her daughter. Ledger fights against the community’s impression of Kenna as a callous monster who abandoned Scotty to perish on a lonely country road as he witnesses Kenna’s feelings.

Kenna is adamant about one thing: She wants to see her daughter without damaging the environment that Ledger and Scotty’s parents have created for her. As reports of Kenna’s whereabouts spread around the community, Scotty’s parents successfully obtain a restraining order prohibiting Kenna from coming within 500 feet of her child. But the more Kenna confides in Ledger about her suffering, the more they start to fall in love.Ledger was engaged, but the relationship ended when his fiancee became uncomfortable with how much participation he keeps up in Diem’s life. Kenna rediscovers a great delight in closeness that she had almost forgotten when she and Ledger eventually make love. They love each other.

The restraining order breaks Kenna’s heart, and she considers leaving town entirely. After all, her daughter is content and the Landry family is doing well.Ledger offers Kenna a part-time job in his pub to help her save money so she can leave the area. The only time Ledger starts to view Kenna differently is when Roman, his bartender, confronts him. Roman reminds Ledger of how frequently Ledger has extended second chances to those who work at the bar, including Roman. Ledger believes he may have treated Kenna unfairly. But when Scotty’s parents find out that Ledger is dating Kenna, they make him pick between the Landrys and Kenna.Ledger learns from Kenna that she writes Scotty letters, which helped her while she was imprisoned. There are currently over 300 letters. Kenna is questioned by Ledger about if he can read a letter that explains Scotty’s fatal accident. Kenna reluctantly reads it to him. According to the letter, Scotty and Kenna both consumed alcohol that evening, albeit Kenna appeared to be slightly less wasted. Kenna was driving when the vehicle entered a skid and overturned in a ditch. Kenna walked home in shock, certain that Scotty had died and that she was to blame.She wouldn’t learn Scotty died on the roadway more than six hours after the collision until the following morning. She is incapable of grieving, as evidenced by her catatonic demeanor during her trial.

Ledger can now see how brutally the town viewed Kenna. He is determined to set up a meeting between Kenna and Grace, Scotty’s mother. Grace is shocked when Ledger displays a copy of the letter to her. She spent five years hating the girl who killed her son, but today she has a very different perspective on the accident’s circumstances. She wants Kenna to know that she is now sorry for the mishap. Grace enters Kenna’s apartment with Ledger’s assistance.She sobs and clings to Kenna there. Kenna will be introduced to Diem by Grace.

Diem and Kenna have supper together at the Landry residence. Instantly clicking, Kenna experiences delight for the first time in a long time.

2 years pass. Across the street from Diem and the Landrys, Kenna and Ledger now share a home. Diem currently resides with her grandparents in order to maintain stability in her life, but she frequently visits Kenna and Ledger. Now that Kenna and Ledger are parents, Scotty is their son.

About of author: Colleen Hoover

Twenty-two novels and novellas by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover have been published. The psychological thriller, New Adult, Young Adult, and contemporary romance subgenres all apply to Hoover’s books.

Atria Books, Grand Central Publishing, and Montlake Romance are the publishers of Colleen Hoover. Heart Bones is one of the indie books that Colleen has written.

CONFESS, a book by Colleen, took home the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. Her most recent book, It Ends With Us, which also won the Choice Award for Best Romance, was released in 2016. Her book WITHOUT MERIT awarded best romance in 2017.

In 2015, Colleen and her family launched The Bookworm Box, a charitable subscription service and bookshop. Readers who subscribe to The Bookworm Box have the wonderful chance to receive signed books in the mail every month from writers all over the world. Each month, all subscription service proceeds are given to different charities. The Bookworm Box has given more than $1,000,000 to charitable causes thus far.



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