Nature as a Cure?

Nature as a Cure

Physical activity can improve nature and a sense of personal well-being, relax and improve mental health. You do not have time for that? Five minutes of outside activity will do the job. A new study shows that even small amounts of green activities are of significant impact on mental health.

more and more evidence gathered that the combination of activities such as walking or cycling along with nature improves personal welfare and reduces the risk of mental illness. But, until now it was unclear how long the green activity would be good enough to mind.

In this study, British researchers examined data collected from 1,252 people who participated in ten different studies. The researchers argue that for the first time in the scientific literature, they were able to show the ratio of the dose–response of the positive effects of nature on mental health.

The study found significant and very rapid improvements in mood, self-esteem, and sense of personal well-being among people who invested five minutes at a green activity park, a garden in the backyard or going for nature.

They tested various types of outdoor activities, including walking, gardening, traveling on bicycles, fishing, and horseback riding, in places such as parks, gardens, and paths in the wild. The greatest effect was observed within five minutes of activity only. The more time that has been made in the green environment exercise was longer, the positive effect increased and it was clear, but a lower yield in relation to a prolonged time.

The study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology journal showed that physical and mental health changes were particularly significant in young people suffering from mental. But, people of all ages and social groups made the activity.

all habitats kind to the participants, including parks in urban areas. The largest effect is Achsahahatamlut Green took place in such water and also contained a lake or river.

The researchers explain that according to scientific literature, short-term improvements in mental health are beneficial to long-term health. According to them, if people take care of themselves more through green exercise, the potential benefit to man, society, and health services budget, is large. Turns out it does not require too much



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