For Your Boss Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping for your boss can be a difficult situation. First of all, buying a Christmas gift for your superiors at work is considered a misstep, unless a group of employees purchase the gift. While giving Christmas gifts to subordinates is generally accepted practice, giving gifts from individuals to a boss can be seen as an attempt to gain perks such as promotions or favorable projects or treatments. Consequently, care should always be taken when giving Christmas presents to a boss. This article will look at situations in which it is acceptable to give your boss a Christmas gift and offer advice for your boss’s Christmas shopping.

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Although a person giving a Christmas present to the boss is not an accepted practice, it is acceptable for a group of employees to buy a joint gift for their boss. For example, a boss who oversees the work of a small group of employees may collectively receive a gift from this small group and this would be considered appropriate. In this way, the gift is seen as a gesture of appreciation on the part of the group members and not as an attempt by one of the members to obtain special treatment. However, even in this acceptable situation, Christmas shopping for your boss can be quite difficult.

The first area of ​​concern when shopping for your boss for Christmas is setting a budget. If you are buying a gift from a large group of people, it is a good idea to first collect the money and then use the amount raised to set the budget for the gift. You can request a small amount of money, usually $ 5 to $ 10 from each person, and once the money has been raised, you can search for items that fit your budget. You should not exceed the amount of money you have raised as it is not considered acceptable to request additional money if you have promised to stay within the budget. Most people have a lot to do for shopping and being invited to contribute additional money can be difficult for them. However, it is considered acceptable to spend a little less than your budget as long as you pay the remaining money equally to everyone who contributed. For example, if you spend $ 20 less than what you raised from 20 people, you need to pay back $ 1 to each person who contributed. If you are the person buying the Christmas gift, you may need to exercise some common sense and make decisions if necessary. For example, if you collect $ 120 and purchase an item that costs $ 121.04 including tax, you can choose to pay the additional amount yourself if you can. The additional amount is quite small, and if the gift is appropriate, it might be worth this small expense to purchase a perfect gift that fits your budget.

Christmas shopping for a garment can also be quite difficult because you may not know what to buy for your garment. If you’re not particularly close to your boss and don’t socialize with him often, you may not know much about his interests. In this case, it might be a good idea to ask someone who knows you better to do your Christmas shopping or at least ask them to provide you with some gift ideas. Other employees may know the boss better because they have worked with him longer or because they participate in activities such as corporate softball games with him. Either way, they can probably give him an idea of ​​his interests, which would help him choose a gift he’ll appreciate. If you can’t find a suitable gift idea, a gift certificate for a local restaurant is always an appropriate and appreciated Christmas gift.

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