Fairy Tale Bedtime Stories in English for Children: The Pinocchio Story

The Wooden Boy

There was a retired clockmaker named Geppetto in Italy. Tick-tick-TOCK! Tick-tick-TOCK! All of his store’s clocks went off. Geppetto enjoyed his work and felt content. But when he rested, he experienced sadness. “Ah! “he would believe. “I’ve lived my entire life without having a child I can call my own! So, one day, Geppetto carved a boy-shaped puppet out of wood.

He gave the puppet legs and arms that could move. As though it were a real boy, he cut and made nice clothes for it. Geppetto remarked, “I’ll call you Pinocchio.” Geppetto placed the wooden puppet on the bed that evening.

A big star twinkled brightly outside the window. Geppetto peered at the shining light through the glass.

Geppetto said, “Bright star.” If I could have one wish, it would be to have my own actual boy, but he understood it was not realistic.

The same large star entered Geppetto’s room that evening. Blue Fairy emerged in its place! To the bed, the Blue Fairy flew.

Little wood puppet, the Blue Fairy remarked. She tapped the puppet with her wand once and said, “In the morning, you will be able to walk and talk like a real boy.” And you might turn into a real boy if you can someday demonstrate your bravery and loyalty.

Their eyes of Pinocchio opened.

The Blue Fairy said, “One more thing.” Suddenly. A cricket showed up. He could talk, and he looked fantastically clothed. The Blue Fairy introduced you to the Cricket, who would stay by your side to guide you in making the right decisions.

The Blue Fairy then vanished with a swoosh of her wings. I looked out the window and up at the stars.

The following morning, Geppetto stated he would go get his puppet out of bed, but the bed was empty!

“Father, I am here!

” Pinocchio spoke from the opposite side of the room.

Geppetto turned about. “What? Can you speak? ”

“Yep! Your boy, Pinocchio, here! ”

How is this possible?

“, shocked Geppetto exclaimed. “But who cares? ” he responded. The wooden puppet was quickly taken into his arms as he dashed over. My son, Pinocchio! “, he exclaimed with tremendous joy.

Away for School

Pinocchio once stated, “I want to go to school, like other guys,” in a statement.

Naturally,” responded Geppetto. But he lacked the funds to acquire books for the classroom.

Later that day, Geppetto returned home carrying textbooks. You can now attend school, he said.

“However, Father, where is your coat?

No need to worry about it, Geppetto remarked with a wave of his hand. It is important that you attend class tomorrow. He didn’t want Pinocchio to know that he had sold his warm coat in order to pay for the textbooks.

The following morning, Pinocchio bid Geppetto farewell.

He hummed as he ran down the sidewalk toward the school. The Cricket, who was also joyful, sat on his shoulder.

On the path, a Fox and a Cat approached them.

“And on this beautiful day, where are you going?”

“, the Fox said.

“I’m heading to class!

“, Pinocchio said.

“On a day this beautiful?

“, the Fox said. “It’s too pleasant to be confined to school! You ought to accompany us to the fair.

The Fox commanded, “Listen to me. He wrapped Pinocchio’s shoulder with his arm. “At the fair, you can learn anything you need to know.”

“Really? “, Pinocchio said.

The Fox commanded, “Take it from me.”


He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the Cricket remarked.

With his hat, the Fox hid the Cricket. The Cricket attempted to shout to the small guy, “Pinocchio, do not listen to him! “, but no one could hear the little guy. ”


“, Pinocchio said. “Let’s go to the fair!” they exclaimed and departed.

It’s Fair

It was such a fun carnival! A man in white was standing by the gate. “Come in, come in!” he yelled. Straight ahead! Tickets are available here! ”

I don’t have any tickets, Pinocchio told the Fox and Cat with a dejected expression.

At a table close to the gate, a man was hawking used items. Hey you! He called out. Sell me those brand-new textbooks you have! You can receive money for tickets in this way.

The fair was so vibrant, vivid, and fascinating that before Pinocchio knew it, he had exchanged his textbooks for tickets.

Please stop, Pinocchio.

” yelled the Cricket, who had, at last, emerged from Fox’s hat. But Pinocchio, the Fox, and the Cat did not hear him. They had already entered the festival.

The Fair’s Administrator

There was a puppet show on stage! “I, too, am a puppet! I can dance like that, remarked Pinocchio. He immediately jumped onto the stage and had the puppets dancing.

“Check out that brand-new puppet! “I received a call. It is completely free! ”

“No obligations? “, added one more. “Amazing! ”

Everyone could not stop laughing. On the stage, they flung coins.

The fair’s manager observed coins flying onto the stage. “Okay, now! He rubbed his chin and muttered, “. “I’ll become wealthy using this puppet with no strings! ”

Pinocchio was snatched up and placed in a birdcage the next thing he knew. The door was locked shut shortly after that.

“Get me out, please!”

known as Pinocchio. The person who had thrown him in, though, had already fled. Pinocchio’s cries were only heard by the Cricket. The Cricket frantically searched inside and outside of the cages for a way to unlock the latch. But he was unable to open it.

I am helpless! “, Pinocchio cried. How did I get into this situation?

The Nose Expands

Poof! All of a sudden! The Blue Fairy was present.


“, Pinocchio said. Can you assist me? ”

The Blue Fairy demanded, “First, tell me something.” How did you enter the cage, exactly? ”

Tell her what happened, the Cricket commanded.

Could he honestly explain what had happened to the Blue Fairy? How would she perceive him?

I got robbed, Pinocchio said.

“Is that accurate?

“, the Blue Fairy muttered, frowning. Pinocchio’s nose started to expand.

robbed, indeed!

“, Pinocchio said. By two obnoxious men, no, four! ”

the nose expanded.

My books were stolen. I was dragged here by them. I was thrown inside this cage by them. ”

His nose continued to lengthen. Up until that point, Pinocchio could only see one enormous nose in front of his face.

“What’s up with my enormous nose?

Pinocchio yelled, “


“, the Blue Fairy sternly commanded. “You must be aware of the genuine truth.”

Innocent puppet and the Blue Fairy

So, I suppose,” replied Pinocchio. “I was eager to visit the fair. I brought a Fox and a Cat with me.

The nose shrank in length.

To purchase some tickets, “I had to sell my books.”

“Had to?

“, the Blue Fairy said.

He explained, “I mean, I chose to sell my books in order to buy tickets.

The nose shrank even more.

Then, he replied, “someone put me in this cage.”

The nose returned to being normal. ‘Well done, Pinocchio! “, the Cricket stated.

The Blue Fairy said, “Well done.” I’ll get you out of here now.

Pinocchio was released from the cage with a wave of her wand.

The identical brand-new schoolbooks were once again in Pinocchio’s hands when he said, “Here are your books.”

Know that moving forward, you are on your own, the Blue Fairy added. Next time, make careful to act morally. She then left.

The Driver

Back on his way to school, Pinocchio. Then a coachman arrived. Hey youngster, would you like a ride? ”

Pinocchio replied, “Thank you, but no.” “I’m attending school.”

The Coachman assured Pinocchio that they would move more quickly together. He will ride more quickly, he assured himself, but not in the direction he anticipated! ”

Pinocchio said, “All right. “I need to get to school now!”

The Coachman asked Pinocchio as he was inside the vehicle, “Say, youngster, why do you think lads like you go to school?

To get knowledge, Pinocchio replied. “And I suppose to mature. So that we can act as we like.

What if I told you that you could do whatever you wanted right now? the coachman asked. ”

“At this time?

“Yep! Consider it. Ignore the books. Don’t go to school. How about having all the sugar you can eat right now? “

“All the sweets?

“Yep. also ice cream of every kind. Ever want to play some pool or smoke a cigar? Pleasure Island offers all of this and more.

Enjoyment Island?

The world’s best location for males like you!

“Pinocchio, don’t pay attention to him!

“, the Cricket yelled.

“Why delay?

“, the coachman said. “I am certain of Pleasure Island’s location. You’re in luck today, little one. What say you, then? ”

Let’s travel there! “, Pinocchio said. “Pleasure Island is where I’m headed! ”


“, the Cricket exclaimed while raising his arms.

Happiness Island

The coach finally came to a stop. “You had a boy in that coach with you? “, a hooded visitor said to the Coachman.

The Coachman seized Pinocchio and hurled him to the ground after saying, “Yep.” He is all yours. I’ll pay now.

The Coachman reached out to the mysterious man in the dark for something—was it money? The Coachman then sped off.

What does it all possibly mean? However, Pinocchio lost interest as he gazed around.

Because all of what the coachman had informed him was accurate! Lots of candy everywhere. ice cream tubs in every flavor. Boys like him could play and eat nonstop. Nobody had to do any work or cleanup. Additionally, there were pool tables available for use and cigars if desired.

But after some time, something seemed strange. What happened to all the boys? He questioned the Cricket,

Donkeys are all I can see right now, Pinocchio said.

The Cricket remarked, “I must say, there used to be more boys around here.

One of his ears suddenly changed into a donkey ear. His other ear then turned into a donkey ear as well.


“, the Cricket yelled. “What is going on with you? ”

HONK! “I don’t know,

“, Pinocchio said.

Pinocchio with Donkey Ears at the Fair

A line of donkeys was being taken aboard a truck by a dark stranger when Pinocchio and the Cricket observed it. “Oh, no! “, the Cricket stated. “Now I understand! Here, boys are turned into donkeys. The donkeys are then auctioned. Pinocchio, please leave as soon as possible while we still have the chance to do so! ”

HONK! Let’s go!

“, Pinocchio said. His two feet suddenly became four.

“Finally, run! “, the Cricket stated. Pinocchio’s new four legs allowed him to run very quickly, which was a plus! They left Pleasure Island in a hurry. They arrived at a wharf along the water quickly.

“Thank you, sir!

A man by the dock heard Pinocchio calling out to him. “I’m looking for a Geppetto-looking old man. Does he know you? – HONK! ”

“Hmm, Geppetto, sounds like you are developing a severe cold,” the man said. That is the elderly man whose son mysteriously vanished one morning. He embarked on a boat search for him. Since then, nobody has seen the poor man.

“Finally, run! “, the Cricket stated. Pinocchio’s new four legs allowed him to run very quickly, which was a plus! They left Pleasure Island in a hurry. They arrived at a wharf along the water quickly.

“Thank you, sir!

A man by the dock heard Pinocchio calling out to him. “I’m looking for a Geppetto-looking old man. Does he know you? – HONK! ”

“Hmm, Geppetto, sounds like you are developing a severe cold,” the man said. That is the elderly man whose son mysteriously vanished one morning. He embarked on a boat search for him. Since then, nobody has seen the poor man.

a whale

Pinocchio could float on the water because the majority of him was still made of wood. “Father! ” he yelled, using his arms to paddle the water. “Father! but nobody responded.

Pinocchio could only see blue water all around him. until—what was it, off in the distance? There was a burst of motion. Something large and swift!

A huge whale approached them in an instant. It stretched up its enormous jaws and gulped Pinocchio down. Pinocchio and the Cricket tumbled inside as they hurried in with all the seawater. They realized they were in the whale’s dark guts when they finally came to a stop.

“Are you alright?

“, Pinocchio remarked to the Cricket.

An elderly man’s voice said, “I’m alright.

Pinocchio interrupted, “Wait a second. “Father, are you there? ”

Geppetto was there!

I’m here, Father, Father!

“, Pinocchio said.

“My boy!

” Geppetto said. I believed I was dreaming. ”

With excitement, they embraced.


“, Geppetto remarked as three fish passed by. “Our dinner is gone! ”

Father, I have a thought! Make a fire, then.

“Fish grilled tonight!

” Geppetto said.

“No, I’m saying that we should leave!

“, Pinocchio said. He gathered some driftwood and lit a fire. Here’s how to get the whale to sneeze: He said, ” To create a lot of smoke, Pinocchio swung his arms over the flame. Soon, clouds of dark smoke began to rise.

The whale hiccuped. Hold on! “, Pinocchio said. After that, WHAM! Pinocchio, Geppetto, and the Cricket all flew out of the whale’s mouth in one large sneeze. They eventually rolled up into the coast after repeatedly rolling in the sea.


Geppetto got up from his seat. The Cricket was standing next to him. Where, though, was Pinocchio?

Then they discovered him! Pinocchio had his head in a pool and was lying on his back.


Too late, they were. The boy puppet Pinocchio was lying motionless in the sea as Geppetto and the Cricket sobbed over him.

Who should appear but the Blue Fairy in a flash?

She uttered “Pinocchio.” “You kept your father alive. She tapped his head with her wand, “You showed that you are brave and true. “And you’ll be a true lad from now on.”

Pied-Pinocchio awoke. He took a glance at his supple legs and arms.


“, he screamed. “Look! I really am a boy! ”

“You are that!

“, Geppetto yelled.

Turning to face the Cricket, the Blue Fairy. Come,” she commanded. The two of them vanished in a split second.

Additionally, they shared a long and happy life together.



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