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What Is Pop Culture?

Sociological Definition: In general, the customs and material culture of a specific civilization are referred to as popular culture (or “pop culture”). Pop culture, as used in the modern West, refers to artistic, literary, fashion, dance, film, cyberculture, television, and radio works that are popular with the majority of a society’s citizens. Media that appeals to and is easily accessible to a wide audience is known as popular culture.

In contrast to the “official culture” of the state or ruling classes, the term “popular culture” was first used to describe the cultural traditions of the general public in the middle of the 19th century. Pop culture is frequently viewed as a less serious or elevated form of artistic expression in today’s popular use.

Where did pop culture begin?

According to academics, the Industrial Revolution’s development of the middle class is where popular culture first began to flourish. In order to distance themselves from their parents and employers, those who were categorized as working class and relocated to metropolitan areas far from their traditional farming life started to develop their own cultures to share with their coworkers.

Mass media breakthroughs after the end of World War II brought about substantial societal and cultural transformations in the west.At the same time, marketing was transformed into a function of capitalism, specifically the need to make profits. New products were being marketed to various social classes. At that point, the definition of popular culture merged with that of mass culture, consumer culture, image culture, media culture, and culture produced by manufacturers for mass consumption.

What is pop culture nowadays?

It is particularly difficult to distinguish “high culture” from “pop culture” in today’s society. Everything might be regarded as pop culture because of the internet and how widely available all cultural items are. People can get any form of media they choose, from music and movies to video games and comic comics. Because of this, some media are now more widely popular than they would have been without the internet.

It should be remembered that pop culture is constantly evolving and changing for this same reason.What was once called pop culture may no longer be such as trends shift throughout time. Nevertheless, social progress has created a time when everybody can find a market for their skills and offerings. Can we classify everything as pop culture? There is no doubt that both sides of that debate can present compelling arguments.

Pop culture’s historical development:

1920s  POP Culture

Pop culture was first incorporated into American culture in the 1920s. In the 1920s, popular culture introduced the flapper, cars, jazz music, movies, and nightclubs to society. People in the 1920s represented a new era of affluence and freedom as World War I came to a close.

1940s POP Culture

The 1940s saw a growth in music and athletics, but the Great Depression had a negative impact on society. Despite the fact that fashion had subsided and less people were visiting theaters owing to financial difficulties, music was still immensely popular and brightened people’s spirits.

1960s POP Culture

In the 1960s, rock & roll, sex, and love were the order of the day. Pop culture was used by people as a means of escape from political crimes, demonstrations, war, and violence. The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, The Beach Boys, and Elvis Presley all enjoyed tremendous popularity. The decade of fun, fashion, rock & roll, and social transformation was portrayed in 1960s cinema.

1980s POP Culture

When the Berlin Wall came down, the Cold War was over. Comedy movies underwent a revolution in the 1980s. Sunglasses, bracelets, and hoops earrings in bright colors were essential. The 1980s gave us some of our all-time favorite movies. From Freddy Krueger to the Goonies,

2000s POP Culture

As young adults, there’s a growing nostalgia for the ’00s. Trends like trucker hats and low-rise jeans are making a comeback. Pop-punk is dominating the pop music scene. Public figures from the era are reemerging, too.In line with the 20-year rule, much of early 2000s pop culture itself is borrowed from the 1970s. “That 70’s Show”, an homage to the titular decade, ran from 1998 to 2006. The sociopolitical context of these times (from an American point of view) are intriguingly similar.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a collective yearning for a simpler, stabler time. There’s a pure-heartedness about Animal Crossing that brought people together during the pandemic. It’s the same pure heart that characterized Gen Z’s childhoods.

If you need to wear a denim-on-denim outfit to feel some joy, so be it. I’m not calling for us to be excessively hedonistic or forget about the injustice around us.

2010s POP Culture

The decade of the 2010s saw a lot of radical change. Yes, politically—the ACA was implemented by Barack Obama at the beginning of the decade, and Donald Trump was impeached at its conclusion; Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and gay marriage was made legal—but also culturally. Before 2010, neither Instagram nor TikTok existed. Four young princes and princesses as well as two royal weddings took place this decade. Numerous things came to an end (The Oprah Show, Harry Potter, and Brangelina), but even more things began (Girls, Frozen, Fenty Beauty). Both Black Panther and Kim Kardashian broke box office records. And that is merely a sample. The editors of Marie Claire have listed their top 50 moments in pop culture for the decade below. We’re positive we overlooked a lot of your favorites.We had to make some harsh cuts because there were too many hot-button, amusing, and viral events during the last ten years. Is it too late to apologize now? Please, no. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane through popular culture.

Top POP Culture

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife’ in 2010:

The interview with Antoine Dodson, who described defending his sister from an assailant in their house, went viral. He was famous for saying “hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your spouse because they’re rapin’ everybody out here,” in part because of how enraged he was. The Gregory Brothers remixed the interview because it became so well-known, and “Bed Intruder Song” undoubtedly reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (new tab opens) Dodson is a temporary instructor in Huntsville, Alabama, at the moment. show this

Instagram is created

Do you recall a time before Instagram? No, not us. How’s that for a throwback? Before early October 2010, the only way you could really flex your digital photos was through a Facebook photo album or Photobucket. Things would soon alter. The world of double taps, paid influencer posts, Valencia filters, DM culture, and a plethora of Instagram models would be unveiled to us. The app is currently the second-most downloaded free app in the app store with over one billion users(opens in new tab). Please excuse me as I navigate down a spiral on my explore page.

Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011:

Since Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed 30 years earlier, it was the first significant royal wedding (reportedly costing $34 million), and boy, did it deliver. The royal family’s popularity was revived by the appearance of the college sweethearts, notably in the United States, where more than 23 million people watched (opens in new tab).

‘Harry Potter’ ends in 2011:

The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 in the summer of 2011 signaled the end of an era for fans of wizardry all across the world. The film made $1.3 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the year. Forever, Team Gryffindor.

2013: The “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones is broadcast

To begin with, they weren’t required to treat my man Richard Madden in that way. Second, they weren’t required to treat us that way! It was a big deal when the “Game of Thrones” season three finale eliminated what felt like half the cast, including Catelyn and Robb Stark and his expectant wife Talisa. It’s obvious that since then, more worse things have happened because it’s G.O.T., but at the time, it was the most popular episode ever with more than 700,000 social media mentions.

2016: David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, and Prince Pass Away:

The year the world became a little bit duller was 2016, It felt like we were grieving the loss of a personal friend every time we learned of the passing of another legendary artist, whether it was David Bowie, Prince, or Carrie Fisher. Each individual added so much color and originality to our environments, and their influences can still be heard today in movies and music.

‘Apprentice’ Host Elects President in 2016:

Donald Trump (R), a businessman and host of NBC’s The Apprentice, defeated Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee and winner of the popular vote, in the 2016 election for president with 306 electoral college votes. This resulted in one of the most shocking and significant elections in the history of democracy. Politics have been much more, dare we say, intriguing since Trump took office.

‘Old Town Road’ Blows Up the Charts :

You must include Lil Nas X’s diCharts certified smash in your 2019 Spotify Wrapped. It surpassed the record(opens in new tab) previously held by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men for “One Sweet Day” from 1995 and the 2017 remix of “Despacito,” from Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, and Justin Bieber. It was named the longest-running number-one hit by Billboard in July, with 17 weeks on the charts. Before the decade is up, I’ll listen to it one last time.

K-Pop (Music):

K-Pop, an acronym for “Korean Pop,” is the name of South Korean pop music. In the West, the genre has also gained popularity, especially in the wake of the success of the song Gangnam Style.

K-Pop has its own beauty and clothing trends. While some K-Pop songs continue to gain popularity in mainstream Western popular culture, those who adopt the look and embody the K-Pop identity may be called members of a K-Pop subculture.

Pop Punk (Music)

Punk music was initially created as a counterculture to fight the corporate capitalist dominance of pop music, but it didn’t take long for punk to become popular.

Pop punk megabands’ rise in the 1990s marked the pinnacle of punk’s mainstreaming. The band Green Day was the perfect example of this. The term “pop punk” was frequently used by older punks to mock punk music that had “sold out” to corporations in order to achieve mainstream success.

Fiction for teenagers (Literature)

Many works of young adult fiction make it into the public consciousness and have a significant impact on culture. Perhaps the most glaring example of this is Harry Potter. Others, though, like Twilight, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and historically, Narnia, have also succeeded.

A young adult book’s entry into pop culture occurs through related media and merchandising, like cartoons, franchised films, and action figures.

Challenges of Viral Social Media (Media):

“Challenges” proliferated in popular culture in the 2010s as a result of the development of social media. Prime Ministers and other politicians took part in challenges that were significant enough in the hopes of capturing the zeitgeist.

The 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was possibly the most well-known of these. $220 million was raised by the challenge for ALS (also known as motor neurone disease) charities.

Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Vin Diesel, and Justin Trudeau are a few famous persons who took the ice bucket challenge.

Here is a list of famous people who have accepted the challenge:

Rap and hip-hop (Music):

African American subcultural music was the origin of the hip hop genre. Early in the 1990s, acts like NWA, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Biggie helped it gain popularity.

Hip hop and rap have taken over as the main musical genres in American popular culture by the 2010s. While rappers like Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar topped charts with each new album, the Childish Gambino single This is America flooded radio stations.



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