Children’s Folktales: The Wizard Khizr

PERSIA’S KING was worried. The country had been dry for too long, and his people cried out in hunger. Bandits attacked their passengers, and enemies pressed on their frontiers. The monarch longed for a visit from the Wizard Khizr, a supernatural figure renowned for magically emerging at times of difficulty to give comfort and counsel. “If there was ever a moment for the Wizard Khizr to show up, now is the time! ” The king yelled.

The king issued a proclamation out of desperation. 1000 times would be lavishly awarded to anyone who could show him the Wizard Khizr. The value of a human, a coin from Persia, is roughly $1.

A poor man who was struggling with his own issues was living in the kingdom at this time. He was deeply in debt and afraid that his family would never be able to rise above starvation and destitution. He immediately went to the palace after hearing the king proclaim his arrival.

The impoverished guy said, “I will show you the Wizard Khizr, albeit it may take some time.”

For how long?

“, the king said.

He said, “Forty days,” adding that he would need a thousand months to finish the assignment.

The king says, “Very well. “Of course, you understand that you will lose your head if you don’t show me the Wizard Khizr in forty days.”

“I get it,” the poor man answered. So, a contract was created and signed. The court attendants delivered a thousand turns when the monarch gave the go-ahead to distribute the funds.

He left for home with conflicted feelings. He gave his wife the remaining funds after paying off all of his creditors. The remainder of the forty days were then spent by him settling down as best he could.

He told his wife, “My darling, this is the day I will be put to death,” on the morning of the forty-first day.


“, she sobbed. It has to be true.

The impoverished man was welcomed at the palace with great pomp and was led straight before the king. I have waited long enough, the king roared to the man who was standing in front of him in his big hall. Today is the end of the forty days. Khizr is where? ”

O King, did you really think I could summon up the Wizard Khizr? He’s not here, he said. I resigned my life because I was in debt and at my wits’ end. Now that I have arrived here on my own two feet and of free will, please take off my head.

“What?! “, the king yelled. He called his four viziers for assistance after being shocked. An elderly man entered the rooms at the rear of the great hall as they took their places around the King.

The first vizier declared, “Cutting up his flesh with scissors would serve him right,” while the second, “Putting him in a baker’s oven and letting him be roasted to death would be only right.”

He ought to be sliced into little bits with a razor, the third of them stood up and said.

This man has played fairly, O King, remarked the fourth vizier. Knowing that his life was about to expire, he returned as he had promised. How many other people would act similarly? I would be tempted to give him some money so he could restart his life.

The king turned to his viziers with a grimace. Very unique advice. How am I expected to understand this? Then he observed the elderly man in the chambers’ rear. He asked, “You, in the rear, what do you say? ”

Standing up, the elderly man remarked, “I might say that your first vizier was originally a tailor, with all his discussion of scissors; your second vizier was once a baker, for all his talk of ovens; and your third vizier was originally a barber, for all his talk of razors. The fourth is the only one who speaks with the authority of someone descended from viziers. Since this man knew his fate going in, he really put his head in danger out of despair before voluntarily returning to your court. Your fourth vizier urged that you assist him in rebuilding a useful life rather than punishing him.” The old man stood up and spread his robe. And see! You’ve seen Khizr now. ”

Everyone in the court gasped once the speaker disappeared, “That was the Wizard Khizr, without a doubt! ”

The king immediately gave the order for his aides to search the area for Khizr, but he had already left. I’m shocked that the Wizard Khizr vanished before I could ask for his assistance! “, the king complained. “Why didn’t I grab him while he was still here by the sleeve? ”

The king concluded that the very least he could do was to follow whatever guidance, however short, he had gotten from the Wizard Khizr while the unfortunate guy was still standing and awaiting his fate. So the king gave the bewildered peasant a hamlet and some cash; shocked by the sudden turn of events, he hurried home to his family.

The fourth vizier was retained after the king had expelled the other three. The fourth vizier’s wise advice ensured that the kingdom’s fortunes soon turned around. The vizier’s counsel enabled the monarch to lead the realm wisely and effectively for many more years after that.

Bonus Story:

Birbal Finds a Thief


A minister delivered some bad news to Emperor Akbar one pleasant morning at the court.

All of his gold coins were gone. They have to have been taken the previous evening!

When he heard this, Emperor Akbar was astonished. The minister resided in the safest neighborhood in the kingdom. There was no way someone could have burgled the residence and taken the coins! One of the other ministers who also resided there must have taken the coins. And who? Birbal was requested by the Emperor for a solution.

Birbal requested that a donkey be chained to a pole near the minister’s residence. Each minister was then required to report to the palace later that day after lifting the donkey’s tail and claiming not to have stolen the coins.

The ministers did not know what to make of Birbal’s peculiar request when they were all at the palace: “Now every one of you must turn your hand up, so that I may view the palm of your hand.” But they followed instructions.

With the exception of Alim Khan, each minister’s hand had a black paint stain on the palm when Birbal examined them.

You see, Birbal had applied a black coat of paint to the donkey’s tail! He was aware that the guilty minister would be afraid and refrain from touching the donkey’s tail.

Birbal thus demonstrated his intelligence once more, and the Emperor gave him 1000 gold coins as payment.



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