A Dangerous World for Women

World for Women

More difficult for women than men will return to day life – a day after a traumatic event that they perceive the world as more dangerous than men. That a new Israeli study shows held after the Second Lebanon War.

Many studies show that women report more symptoms of stress following traumatic events and urged as wars, accidents sexual assaults. Researchers from the Department of Psychology at the Academic College of Tel–Hai asked to check whether there are differences between the sexes in the development of symptoms of stress and why such an event recover.

In a survey of 870 adults and a similar number of teenagers, were examined gender differences in two areas related to the long-term effects of a traumatic event: the level of symptoms of stress (stress) and recovery (back to life a day – a day).

Women and girls reported a higher level of symptoms of Stress: 23% of women and 31% of girls reported feeling a high level of fear versus 10% of men and 9% of boys. 31% of women and 23% of girls reported feeling stress, compared to 18% of men and 13% of boys. 31% of women and 32% of girls reported nervousness compared with 27% of men and boys.

The women also reported a lower level of the day back to life – the day: 64% of women reported that their morale is less good than before the event, 30% said morale it This and 6% claimed that he was better before the event. By contrast, 56% of men claimed that their morale as well as pre-event, 34% said the same morale and 9% claimed that he was better. In other measures related to social activity and the degree of optimism, the women showed signs of recovery as good.

More research suggests that women and girls reported more feelings of danger, that is, they perceive the world as more dangerous than the males they catch him. 21% of women feel that their life very much at risk, 25% feel that a moderate degree, 55% feel that a lesser extent, on the other hand, 13% of men feel that their lives are at risk to a great extent, 21% feel that a moderate degree and 67% feel that if low.

“study, a sense of danger was closely connected with symptoms of stress,” explains Prof. Shaul Kimhi, other authors “I mean, the more the sense of danger there are more symptoms of stress and less recovery back to life a day – day.

Looking at the world it seems dangerous, will be feeling more pressure will be more difficult to return to normal after a traumatic event



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