7 Amazing Baby Hacks

So, up until this point, your dog or cat has been your baby, but now a little human is on the way. It’s natural, and in fact, it’s wise to worry about how the two mix. It is very good for everything to work well and for your pet and baby to be very close friends, but there are some things you can do to be prepared. First, some tips for dogs:

Teach your dog to stay out of the nursery


Immediately start installing a baby gate or keeping the door closed to help your dog learn to stay out of the baby’s room. Later on, you can allow the dog to enter the room, especially if you are there, but it is best to prepare them initially to stay away.

Introduce your dog to some of the other children

If he’s never been around a child before, carefully introduce some of him into his life. It is less likely to be concerned about your child if it is introduced gradually.

Make sure it is well trained

The child’s behavior is unpredictable, so your dog must have grown up in this situation. If your dog isn’t obeying you, it’s time for some training before the baby is born. If your dog is a male and you haven’t neutered him, now is the time for that too. It should make the dog more calm and moral.

Then there’s the cat – some of the same ideas work for cats, too, except that training them to stay out of the room is very difficult. By the way, they easily expand baby gates and cribs. Therefore, in addition to the baby gateway, it is wise to purchase a bed bypass net to keep the cat away. Also, if your cat sleeps with you, do not put the baby in your bed with the cat in the room.

For both types of pets, keep food and water bowl away from baby. Children love to play with it, and this not only causes chaos, but may also make the animal more jealous. Also, at some point, if your child can get pet food, he will try to eat it. I promise you.

Your child and pets should develop a good relationship with little trouble. Just be diligent for a while until everyone feels comfortable, and you should keep having a happy home.

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