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The NBA announced the game as one of the biggest matches on Christmas Day. When the Lakers and Clippers meet on Wednesday (8 PM ET on ABC), the relics can go beyond the bragging rights in the entertainment capital. It could be a preview of a playoff match at the Western Conference.

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis attempt to correct their opening season losses to the Clippers. While Kawhi Leonard will attempt to dominate as he did on opening night, Paul George will make his debut against the Lakers after missing his first 11 matches to recover from an off-season surgery on both shoulders. The Lakers will try to show that their leading record in the West will last five months. The Clippers hope their short-lived pain will subside with injuries and integration of new players.

To break all of these story lines, USA TODAY Sports spoke with an informal group of NBA TV analysts. Television analysts are named because they are paid for their candor. The NBA Assistant Coach has been granted anonymity due to his frankness.

How do you rate the Lakers and Clippers site so far?
Gary Payton, former NBA player and NBA TV analyst: “They are both pretty much where we thought they were going to be. But I thought the Clippers would be a little better than this, in terms of records. The only reason why they don’t exist is because of the load management or the break management they’re in.” With Cohei. I think the Lakers are a little different because they don’t have load management. They play with each other and get chemistry together. Their chemistry is so good with LeBron and Mum. And all the other guys around them. Basically everyone plays their roles, especially the way Dwight plays. Howard. The clippers are up and down now because they don’t know what they’re getting. ”

Stan Van Gondy, former NBA coach and NBA TV analyst: “They were just as good as advertised. I think the Lakers may have recovered faster than people expected with all the new faces the Clippers wore. They went through tough times. But that was just because of health. The Lakers managed to get Davis and James out every day. They played together from boot camp all the way. With the Clippers. Paul George wasn’t really in boot camp, and he played as a revelation on a limited basis. They didn’t play much together. So the work is still in progress, but I guess We have seen enough to know that they will be really strong competitors.

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